Sarımsaklı is the beaches and hotels area of Ayvalık. It is 5 km away from the district center. Sarımsaklı beach is 7 km long and 100 m wide. You can enjoy the burning taste of the sun on the beach which has Turkey’s thinnest sand and allure your sea passion in its cool waters. When it comes to its beautiful sand; this sand has occurred as a result of by means of various factors collapsing the granite which made up hills surrounding Kozak. The sea has been sprinkling the material brought by rivers to our shores since ten thousand years.

Şeytan Sofrası (Devil’s Feast)

The area is called ‘’Şeytan Sofrası’’ because of there is a footprint said to be belonged to the Devil in an iron cage. From this point, the sea, the pines and the bays remain under your feet. Specially, local and foreign tourists are rushing into this area to watch the sunset.  Besides the sunset, while you are living the hidden beauties of the nature by taking one step for beautifying every moment you can become together with the nature and you can have opportunity to see Ayvalık’s beauties bird’s eye.

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