A story which “Cunda” in it…

Each island has a story, and if you pay attention and listen carefully, Cunda tells you her story. Far from the crazy crowd but not lacking of pleasure, away from the traffic chaos but not inaccessible, away from popular culture impositions, but not out of the date, earnest and calm, but not deserted, away from the magnificence, but not ordinary at all.

A breakfast which is much more than the city tired ones can imagine who fed up with hastily, hurriedly made breakfasts in a busy business hectic, freshly prepared handmade pastries, muffins, cakes, cookies in the kitchen accompanied with breakfast foods which are chosen carefully as buying for your own house, not from packed/ready ones.

Both the colors of the flowers in the garden, the green of kinds of plants and the cool and deep blue of the Aegean sea are all on the windows of the rooms each decorated in a different color with a refined taste.

From the paintings on the wall to the curling of the curtains, it is really like a ‘’lady hand’’ touched, a graceful designed by thinking delicately, meeting the ‘’old’’ and the ‘’new’’ in unique and pleasurable details none of which is copied by another…

The sense of debonair mobilization and warm family, a sincere and warm interest in the hospitality logic of a meticulous host without skipping any details… The great care shown to offer the guests much better conditions which they might want for themselves… And; the rest is Cunda… 

It' s a story which "Cunda" in it, quite blue, quite green and absolutely unique. If you want to pay attention and listen carefully this story, we are waiting for you to Cunda Esen Hotel. This is our home, and we wait for you just like how we wait for you to our home, we will be glad to see you. You know, how well you do if you come up 🙂

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